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Online Advertising

Welcome to the Internet, where (at least for some people) no story can be posted quickly enough. By being completely immersed in the sports we cover, all four of Hi-Torque’s off-road magazines maintain a strong Internet presence with web-specific news updates and feature stories delivered to a global audience far beyond our already impressive print reach. Supplementing our “current content”, our website readers also get a veritable treasure trove of content that provides motorcycle, ATV, and UTV parts and accessory makers with additional reach to consumers.

Advertising in Dirt Bike allows me to reach an engaged core audience that is active in our sport.

Jeff Douglas,
President Nitro-Mousse

In addition to their respective websites, each magazine also maintains a strong social media presence, with frequent updates and contests designed to further engage our readers and build even deeper relationships with them.  It’s all about staying connected, and from our magazines to all facets of the Internet, Hi-Torque editors provide the wide world of off-road enthusiasts with the content they want that bring them back, every day.


Include mobile sizes
with the 728 x 90 PC page size
(please confirm sizes:
320 x 50, 234 x 60 & 468 x 60 px)

• 300 x 250 pixels • 300 x 600 pixels
• 4 locations for sale
(stacked in vertical alignment)
• Sold for run of website

• 300 x 600 pixels
• 1 location for sale


• 2100 x 950 px with a safe zone
(as shown) of 135x695 px
• Sold per website category
or for run of website
• Static placement
(does not scroll with content)
Note: not visible on mobile devices


Our videos are reaching record highs on views across all our titles, which also include the number of Youtube views. You can have your logo added to the start of videos so the viewer will see your brand at the start every time the play button is clicked.

• 15 second pre-roll commercial
• Logo tags


• Feature Sponsorship: Available across all our websites, which include your logo placed on every web article in that targeted section of the website. Includes positons 1,2,3 and 4.
• Email Newsletter Sponsorship: Our email campaigns reach thousands of subscribers, weekly or monthly. Every campaign is designed to present the most popular website posts that are currently trending at time to deliver the most traffic and best click-thru rate. Positions include leader board ad (300x86 px) internal content and footer positions (563x80 px).



• Geo Targeted: Determine where your message is delivered by Country, Region, State or County.
• Conquest Targeting: Select feature types or key words to target the type of reader your ads are delivered to.


1. FILE TYPES: animated GIF, JPG, Flash SWF or HTML5
2. FILE SIZE: 20k maximum, 30k maximum for GIF and JPG, and embedded ClickTag for Flash advertisements
3. ANIMATION: GIF, JPG, Flash, SWF advertisements must contain:
• Third-party ad serving
• No video or audio
• No more than 3 complete frame sequences
• No more than 4 frames per sequence
• 2-10 seconds between each new frame within each sequence
• 3 business days lead time for review and testing