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Why Should You Carry Our Magazine?

Your best sales aid: We are totally product-driven. Hi-Torque’s magazines are the resource that enthusiasts reach for before they buy. When we publish a positive review, the product sells.

We take the risk: You pay only for the magazines you sell. Anything you don’t sell, we buy back at the same rate you paid.

We bring you customers: Hi-Torque readers are the most knowledgeable riders in their field. They influence what other riders purchase—and who they purchase it from.

We speak your language: Hi-Torque editors ride the ride and turn the wrenches. We speak from experience, and we write useful information and tips that our readers communicate to your mechanics and sales staff.

Your reference guide: If your customer is asking about it, you’ll probably find the answer in this month’s magazine. There is no better sale closer than having a second opinion from a universally respected source—right next to the cash register.  Hi-Torque Magazines are the sport’s most trusted reference guides for what’s happening right now.

The inside story: We ride with the factory teams. We walk the infields at the races. We are the first to see next year’s products and we are the first to discover what makes them faster. Hi-Torque is your shop’s industry insider.

Absolutely no risk: We know Hi-Torque Publications pull hard for retailers. Give us a go and if you aren’t satisfied, cancel any time.

You can email our shop rep, John Barila,at or call him at: 1–800-767-0345