2015 Road Bike Buyers Guide

Plus Shipping. See all the exciting new bikes and products from all the top manufacturers for 2015.


2015 Road Bike Buyers Guide


Welcome to the New Year
So many new bikes and products to consider
The Bikes
From under $1000 to over $10,000
The Wheels
The hoops that make us go ’round
The Shoes
How your feet talk to the pedals
The Helmets
You’ve heard it a million times—don’t ride without one
The Clothing
You better believe we all want to look good
The Power Meters
If you’re into that kind of thing
The Miscellaneous Kind
From bike stands to one-piece bar/stem combos


Have Your Best Season Ever
A training guide to help make you stronger & faster
Need a Tip? How about 101?
No, not in any particular order
It Starts in the Tunnel
What can be learned from wind-tunnel testing?
Welcome to the World of Gravel
The world of dual-purpose bikes is upon us
The Tuesday-Night Gamble
A rivalry of a different sort
Trek Domane vs. Calfee Manta Pro
Suspension makes inroads to the road—again
The Best of RBA Q & A
These are the questions thatmattered most