2017 Road Bike Buyers Guide


2017 Road Bike Buyers Guide

Race Bikes
Fast & furious, even if you never race

Endurance Bikes
In it for the long haul

Gravel & Cyclocross
The dual-purpose bandwagon is gaining speed

Handmade for a Reason
Sensational bikes built one at a time

Women’s Bikes
Maybe fewer out there, but wiser still

Transportation Alternatives
Guide to car racks

Put a Lid on It
Choosing between a dozen new helmets

The Round World of Wheels
Things just keep rolling along

Them Barking Dogs
Shoes that continue to impress

A Fabric Mash-Up
In love with Lycra?

A Potpourri of Accessories
Everything you need to round out the package


Welcome to It
What it’s all about

The Cycling Fundamentals
Expert tips

Bike-Shop Secrets
How to make life easier for everyone

Has the 650b Wheel Arrived?
Bigger tires on smaller rims prove themselves

2017 Shimano Dura-Ace
The time has arrived for newness to prevail

Campagnolo Potenza
Trickle-down performance Italian-style

SRAM eTap Wireless
No more fussy cables

Staying in Shape Indoors
The latest trainers

Guide to New Tires
How best to keep the rubber side down

 The Best of RBA Q&A
Wise words and helpful tips