February 2014 Issue


ON THE COVER: The Trek Slash 9 and the Kona Process 134 stand grip to grip on their 27.5-inch wheels. Photo by John “I balance them with my mind” Ker. Pearl Izumi’s P.R.O. 180 Jacket. Photo by Doug “I feel warm just looking at it” Barnett. The all-new Sony Cam takes a shot at GoPro. Photo by Doug “I shoot video too” Barnett. The Mavic Crossmax 27.5 Enduro Wheel System would be a sweet rolling upgrade to any tired trailbike. Photo by John “Bigger than 26, smaller than 29″ Ker.

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What A Difference $700 Can (And Can’t) Make
The Kona Process 134 versus the Kona Precept DL

The Trek Slash 9
Slashing the trail with bigger wheels.
The Salsa Spearfish 2
Taking the day off to go fishing.

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS30V
Is Sony’s little camera the next big thing?
Mavic Crossmax 27.5 Enduro Wheel System
An enduro wheelset from where enduro was born.
Leatt H4 Harness Hydration System
Leatt looks beyond rider protection.
Like galoshes for your suspension.
Inertia Designs Tri-Phone Pro Pack
The saddle-pack solution for dropper seatposts.
Tifosi Veloce Reader Sunglasses
Invented by Ben Franklin, updated by Tifosi.

Intense Bikes Thrives In A Changing World
A tradition of craftsmanship and creativity
Why Stop When The Snow Drops
Winter fat bike tips from the heartland.
Michelin’s New Enduro Tire System
From the shores of the French Riviera to singletracks worldwide.

Staying Fit During Shorter Days
Making the most of the limited daylight.
Cold-Weather Apparel Tips
There is no bad weather, just bad clothing.

Meet The Riders And Their Rides
Todd Wells and his Specialized S-Works Epic World Cup.
Garage Files
Your Most Valuable Tool: The Smartphone.

What Happened To Aaron Gwin?
Talking about a tough season and looking ahead.