May 2014 Issue


ON THE COVER: The 27.5-inch-wheeled Scott Genius 730 goes against its big brother, the 29-inch-wheeled Scott Genius 930 in a battle that answers a lot of your questions on wheel size. Photo by John “Belly-Flop” Ker (with help from Mr. Wirthington and Pat the Pixel Wizard).

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Scott Genius 730 Versus 930
You don’t have to be a genius to make the right decision

The Trek Superfly FS 9
The Specialized Camber Expert Carbon EVO 29
The Turner Flux 27.5 TR
The Fatback 29+

Lauf Trail Racer 29 Fork
OneUp Components 42-Tooth Sprocket
Supacaz Grips
RockShox Pike RCT3 Fork
Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip
WOMO Designs Accessory Mounting System
North Shore Billet Direct Mount Chain Rings
Lake MX331 MTB Shoe
Rollei Actioncam S-50 WiFi Nitro Circus Live
Pearly Possum Socks

How To Make Your Dream Bike A Reality
The 2014 Global Fat Bike Summit
Ronnie Renner’s Electric Bike Fix
100 Tips To Start The New Season Off Right
Mountain Bike Rules Made To Be Broken

Inside The Racer’s Mind

Garage Files
Kevin Aiello’s downhill trailbike.