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Dirt Wheels

Dirt Wheels

Dirt WheelsDirt Wheels is the number one ATV magazine in both newsstand and subscription circulation and advertising, and has been for over 30 years. The Dirt Wheels audience is the most avid in the sport. They pay $5.99 per copy, read each issue cover to cover, hold on to an issue for 2.5 years, and read it 8.3 times. In early 2012, we launched the Dirt Wheels Mobile App. This technology brings our entire editorial package AND your company’s linked website and message to a huge, worldwide audience of ATV and UTV enthusiasts (YOUR customers) with just one click. Combining this with the most avid ATV audience, the largest circulation and the best editorial in the business, and you have what advertisers say is the most profitable magazine in the motorcycle and ATV market. Dirt Wheels is the MUST-BUY in the ATV industry!

  • The FIRST, ALL-ATV title, and still the NUMBER-ONE MAGAZINE in the field!
  • We COVER THE ENTIRE WORLD of ATV’ing: Racing, dune blasting, trail riding and Utility ATV’s, and more!
  • We do the TOUGHEST TESTING, so you know everything about that ATV or product you want to buy!

Available on Your iPad & iPhone & Kindle Tablet.

Go to the Apple Newsstand, Amazon Newsstand or App Store and Search “Dirt Wheels Magazine”, Subscribe for 12 Issues for only $8.99 and Get Single Issues for only $2.99