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Mountain Bike Action

Mountain Bike Action has been the industry leader since it was launched in 1986, and, in 26 years, has amassed a core readership comprised of the sport’s most influential riders. No magazine covers breaking technology better, has the history or comprehends the issues that drive our sport as well as Mountain Bike Action. Find an enthusiastic rider who knows what’s going on in the mountain bike world and you have found the core MBA reader. MBA’s candid product tests and side-by-side bike reviews have built a loyal readership—the go-to riders who influence almost every purchase made by novice enthusiasts. Our readership is the power that consistently drives business to Mountain Bike Action advertisers more effectively than any other medium in the marketplace.
MBA led the industry’s print media into digital publication, with simultaneous delivery to advertisers and foreign subscribers worldwide, including instant access to the magazine on their iPhones, iPads and other e-readers. Advertisers benefit from live links inside the digital issues that drive additional traffic directly to their doorsteps. extends the print magazine and its advertisers’ messages into the present moment with as-it-happens global race coverage, product debuts and breaking industry news. Together, Mountain Bike Action’s online presence, digital publication and powerful print message place the sport’s most important customers in front of the industry’s most relevant businesses. We invite you to become one of them. Click here to Subscribe & Save!

  • Get THE LATEST new bike tests, product and equipment tests, travel features and “how-to’s” in every issue!
  • It’s the NUMBER-ONE mountain bike title in the world!
  • The ONLY bike magazine published 12 times a year (once a month)
  • The MOST EXPERIENCED staff in the field.

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