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Your best sales aid: We are totally product-driven. Hi-Torque’s magazines are the resource that enthusiasts reach for before they buy. When we publish a positive review, the product sells. We take the risk: You pay only for the magazines you sell. Anything you don’t sell, we buy back at the same rate you paid. We […]

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Welcome to the Internet, where (at least for some people) no story can be posted quickly enough. By being completely immersed in the sports we cover, all four of Hi-Torque’s off-road magazines maintain a strong Internet presence with web-specific news updates and feature stories delivered to a global audience far beyond our already impressive print […]

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Go to the Apple Newsstand, Amazon Newsstand or App Store and Search our family of titles, Subscribe for 12 Issues for only $8.99 and Get Single Issues for only $2.99 This App gives you the mobile flexibility to review and purchase current and past issues (which are available within the App) and download it to […]

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Daryl Ecklund – Sales and Editorial Director(661) 733-5455 Derreck Bernard – National Account Manager:(661) 609-8309, Chris Robinson – Account Executive:(951) 252-7758, Seth Barnes – Account Manager(850) 461-4941 Ryan D’Rrrico – Account Manager(661) 406-2421 Lisa Burdick – Account Administrator(661) 510-4656, Eric Harter – Advertising Production Manager (Dirt Bike & Motocross […]

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CANCELLATION & NON-FULFILLMENT Agreement may be canceled by the advertiser or his agent prior to its full term with the following provisions: Cancellation must be made in writing and must be received before closing date. If cancellation is received after closing date, buyer is responsible for full payment of that insertion. In the event of […]

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