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Advertising Requirements & Specs


Agreement may be canceled by the advertiser or his agent prior to its full term with the following provisions: Cancellation must be made in writing and must be received before closing date. If cancellation is received after closing date, buyer is responsible for full payment of that insertion. In the event of cancellation, the rate is to be adjusted (short-rated) accordingly.


Orders subject to approval of buyer’s credit by the Publisher. Credit limit to be established by the Publisher. New advertisers must accompany order/contract with completed credit application and payment for the first three insertions. Accounts are considered delinquent if not paid 30 days after invoice date. All open invoices over 90 days subject to loss of agency commissions. Delinquent accounts may be subject to service charge of 2% compounded monthly on the unpaid balance.


Two percent (on net) cash discount for payment within ten days of invoice date. Net 30 days. This discount is not available to advertisers who take the fifteen percent prepay discount. Billings are made after completion of printing. Fifteen percent to recognized advertising agencies (insertion orders required). In order to be eligible for agen­cy discount, agency must take final responsibility for payment of all ads placed through agency. New advertisers must pay their first three insertions in advance. Payment will be due on material deadline of each issue.


COVERS & INTERIORS: Web offset lithograph. BINDING: Call for binding specifications. BMX Plus! and 4-Wheel ATV Action are saddle stitch. Dirt Bike, Motocross Action, Mountain Bike Action, Dirt Wheels and Road Bike Action are perfect bound. Dirt Bike is subject to change from perfect binding to saddle stitch issue to issue. Please contact Hi-Torque for exact binding schedule.


All Hi-Torque Publications ads are processed as  “Computer to Plate”. Send all Hi-Torque publication ad material as high resolution PDF files with a hardcopy, or 4 color proof. This is a savings to our advertisers, NO MORE FILM. However, Ad material no longer can go direct to the printer. We must process all ad material here at Hi-Torque.


Ads submitted as Electronic Files need to be at Hi-Torque Publications on the Material Deadline; no extensions will be given for Electronic Files.
PROGRAMS: Preferred  QuarkXPress (with complete collect for output) Adobe® Photoshop (flattened files only), Adobe® Illustrator (with fonts converted to outlines & all images embedded) and Adobe® InDesign (with complete collect for output) Be aware when supplying complex InDesign files, containing multiple transparency and drop shadow effects, may cause problems with final output.
Send as a closed file: PDF
If electronic files are sent as Native Desktop (open files) Hi-Torque Publications will charge any cost that might be incurred to produce the supplied advertisement. For digital files containing a CT image, resolution should be 300 dpi. Bitmap images must have a resolution of 2400 dpi and contain links to placement files. There will be production charge for this service.
ALL DIGITAL FILES MUST be accompanied by a S.W.O.P. proof. Acceptable digital 4/color proofs or matchprint, Kodak Approvals or Epson. Color laser or ink jet proofs will be used for content only. Color laser or ink jet proofs not acceptable for color proofing or press check. Publisher cannot be held responsible for content or reproduction quality if a proof does not accompany the digital file. Advertisers may be subject to a $100 charge for requested or required high resolution proofs printed for press check. The Publisher does not accept any liability for ads that are posted to FTP site or E-Mailed.
Send material to: Eric Harter Advertising Production Manager Phone: (661) 367-2114 Hi-Torque Publications, 25233 Anza Drive, Valencia, CA. 91355


Save all image files as EPS files (Encapsulated PostScript).
FONTS: Supply all Fonts used in separate font folder both screen & printer fonts.


Send all support files, including all high-resolution files of logos, photos, and trademarks.

Convert all RGB files (computer color) to CMYK (four-color process for print).

Prepare all full page ads with 1/8 inch bleed.
Send a disk & printed file directory with each ad submitted.
Send a S.W.O.P. proof with each ad. If the file is corrupted, we have a visual to re-create your ad. This will be done at an additional cost to the advertiser. The integrity of electronic files submitted to Hi-Torque is the responsibility of the advertiser. Hi-Torque is not responsible for any subsequent loss of, or damage to, electronic media. Electronic files submitted to Hi-Torque Publications should be back-up or archival copies, NEVER original or sole examples.


Any maintenance or recreation of corrupted files will be billed to the advertiser or his agency at the current time and labor production rate. Any 4/color advertising that does not have an acceptable 4/color proof may require a press proof pulled upon request from production dept. or press at an additional cost.


All materials received after the material deadline are considered late ads and will be charged a late charge: $65.00 per page.

Material received late and needing production work such as: copy change, key code changes etc., will be charged both a late charge and a production charge.

Ad material received late but not to Hi-Torque’s specifications will be charged a late charge for processing file.


All advertising materials are to be sent to Hi-Torque Publications, Attn: Advertising Production Manager, 25233 Anza Dr., Valencia, CA 91355.

All ads must be received and processed by Hi-Torque Publications. No late ads can go direct to the printer.


Rates are subject to change upon notice from the Publisher. Publisher guarantees that signed orders and contracts will be honored at contract rate in the next issue following the announcement of a rate increase. Advertising in issues subsequent to such an increase will then be billed at prevailing rates. At the time a rate change becomes necessary, advertiser may cancel as of the effective increase date without short rate. If an order and/or new material is not received by the closing date for a contracted insertion and in absence of written instructions to the contrary, Publisher will repeat the last advertisement run. He may at his discretion, however, omit the ad or run substitute copy. The buyer is nevertheless responsible for payment in full for the scheduled insertion.


The Publisher reserves the right to accept or reject all advertising copy which at his discretion is deemed objectionable, obscene, profane, pornographic or detrimental to the industry whether or not the ad had previously been accepted and/or published. The advertiser assumes full responsibility for the content of all advertisements. Hi-Torque is not responsible for any production charges incurred with the changing of an ad to meet our standards. If you have any doubts about your ad copy being accepted, please contact your advertising representative as soon as possible.


Key numbers are not guaranteed. No rebate allowed for errors due to the insertion of wrong key numbers or codes. The Publisher reserves the right to void any contract if the first insertion is not used within three months. All material not called for after one year will be destroyed.

Bleed8.125 in10.75 in
Trim7.875 in10.5 in
Live/Safety7.375 in10 in
Bleed16 in10.75 in
Trim15.75 in10.5 in
Live/Safety15.25 in10 in
 4.5 in9.625 in
bleed8.125 in5.375 in
Trim7.875 in5.25 in
Live7.375 in5 in
Vertical4.5 in7.25 in
Bleed16 in5.75 in
Trim15.75 in5.25 in
Live/Safety15.25 in4.75 in
Horizontal4.5 in4.75 in
Vertical2.125 in9.625 in
Horizontal Only4.5 in3.5 in
Horizontal4.5 in2.25 in
Vertical2.125 in4.75 in
3 – inch2.125 in3.4375 in
2 – inch2.125 in2.25 in
1 – inch2.125 in1 in


* gutter allowance: please allow 3/8â€minimum left and right of gutter.
* There should be an allowance of at least 3/8†inch of margin between live matter (type, etc.) and the trimmed edge of page of gutter. All critical type (phone numbers, address, legal lines) must be held within 1/2†from the trim line.

Ad space guidelines


1 Page
BLEED: 8.125 x 10.75
TRIM: 7.875 x 10.5
LIVE/SAFETY: 7.375 x 10

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Ad space guidelines

2 Page Spread*
BLEED: 16 x 10.75
TRIM: 15.75 x 10.5
LIVE/SAFETY: 15.25 x 10

*gutter allowance: please allow 3/8â€minimum left and right of gutter.

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Ad space guidelines
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