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RBA’s editorial team is made up of a trio of editors with over 50 years of experience and participation in the sport between them. They pride themselves on being punctual, professional and capable of hanging in on the group ride. If there is one thing that Road Bike Action brings to the game, it’s our enthusiasm for all we do. We love bike people, we love bikes, and we especially love riding them.
1. Zapata Espinoza has been a cycling editor long before it became fashionable. Over the years, Zap has made it his mission to enthusiastically chase down and celebrate both new technology and the people responsible for it.
2. Neil Shirley has been racing bicycles for 20 years now—and no, he has shown little sign of slowing down. As the two-time winner of the massive Levi’s GranFondo, plus numerous other events in the last year (including top American honors at this year’s L’Etape du Tour), Neil has more firsthand knowledge of how bikes perform than many product managers.
3. Michael White represents the best that today’s youth movement has to offer. Not only has he proven himself on a bike (with 2013 bringing a second consecutive Sea Otter circuit race victory), but with an English degree tucked under his arm, he also knows his way around a dictionary and thesaurus.
4. Road Bike Action is made all the better with the contributions of a variety of cycling enthusiasts who bring additional depth and perspective to each issue. In addition to the imaginative and provocative rants of TV commentator Bob “Bobke” Roll and the monthly column of his former fellow 7-Eleven teammate and now world-renowned trainer Chris Carmichael, the pages of Road Bike Action also include in-depth coverage of the European peloton by our man in Italy Tim Maloney, the health desk is manned by Dr. Johnathan Edwards, and RaeLynn Milley covers women’s cycling.
ac·tion (n).
1. The state or process of acting or doing: From the races to the bike shows and all the press launches in between, Road Bike Action editors eagerly stand front and center wherever the news is breaking to keep readers informed with an immediate keystroke through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts.
2. Organized activity to accomplish an objective: Meeting deadlines to ensure that RBA readers receive what they demand—timely and quality information regarding all facets of the sport of road cycling.
3. The causation of change by the exertion of power or a natural process: Early adopters and supporters of new technology (e.g., aero road, gravel bikes, disc brakes, road suspension).
4. Habitual or vigorous activity; energy: Lunch rides with the WorldTour stars (e.g., Peter Sagan, Frankie Rabon, Timmy Dugan) and prominent industry players. Outside the office, a string of Gran Fondo and race wins, as well as a plethora of Strava records.
5. Behavior or conduct. (Often used in the plural): Yeah, we really like to ride bikes. And, more important, we really like to share what we learn with the dedicated readers and consumers who rely on RBA for the straight scoop on the latest breakthroughs in road bike technology.

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